Google Apps fails to sync with Outlook

Microsoft is mainly distributing Office 2013 through the “click to run” web-based installer (which is another story), and I just learned today that this is NOT supported by Google Apps Outlook Sync.  I attempted the hack workarounds and succeeded on one machine out of 4.  For the others, they are back to Outlook 2010.  This is in addition to many other intermittent problems over the last couple years between Google Apps Outlook Sync and Outlook (sync errors, log files out of control, missing calendar appointments, unsupported Outlook features, etc).  I am pretty much ready to stop recommending Google Apps as an email solution to those people who use Outlook.  Whether Microsoft is damaging Google’s connection to Outlook or Google is not exerting enough effort to keep its tool compatible and bug-free, I can’t have my clients stuck in the middle.   

For the users who prefer webmail over Outlook, or who are ready to take the plunge, Google Apps is a fantastic solution.  For those who still love their Outlook, it is not an adequate product.  Office 365 or Rackspace Hosted Exchange may be better options.  We set up all three of these solutions regularly, but it’s a pity Google Apps isn’t working out well for the Outlook fans (of which there are many!).