Windows 10 File Sharing

Windows 10 updates often reset a file sharing setting called “Password protected sharing.” ┬áThis can interfere with small networks’ ability to share files without collecting accounts and passwords. ┬áTo fix this, go through the following simple procedure:

  • Right click on the Start button (Start button is in the bottom left)
  • Left click “Control Panel”
  • In top right make sure you have selected Large Icons or Small Icons so you see about 50 icons in the Control Panel window
  • Left click on the “Network and Sharing Center” icon
  • Left click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” in the upper left
  • Scroll down and left click on “All Networks”
  • All the way on the bottom, left click “Turn Off Password Protected Sharing”
  • Left click “Save Changes”
  • Restart the computer and try to access the shared files from the workstation again