Here is a short list of our current recommendations for different products and services:


  1. Microsoft Security Essentials – A fine free antivirus which requires no registration, subscription, or complicated instructions.  Like all antivirus programs, it’s useless against spyware/malware, the most common problem out there these days.


  1. FortiFi – Rob Curtis and FortiFi are excellent.


  1. Online: IDrive – My current choice for online backup, iDrive has a couple very nice features, such as continuous data backup and email notifications.  Like most online backup vendors, they offer a free service for up to 2 GB of data in the hope of luring you in for larger amounts.  Sign up!
  2. Offline: Buy an external hard drive.  We prefer the Western Digital or Seagate brands.  Try to purchase at least a two terabyte drive (2,000 gigabytes) for around $90.  Use Windows 10’s fabulous automatic backup utility by right clicking Start -> Control Panel -> File History.


  1. Just In Time Direction – JITD consults with owners of start-up and small businesses to establish a foundation for growth.


  1. – “Cloud computing” is just a term for keeping data and doing work up on the Internet instead of on your own computer.  If you check your email on a web site like or, you’re doing it already! We’re working with implementing creative, cost saving cloud solutions for many computer needs.


  1. Millikan Computer Technologies – Jim Millikan has been training people out of Evanston for many years.


  1. Gillware – Most companies charge over $1,000 for physical data recovery of a defective hard drive.  Gillware won’t charge you a dime unless they can recover it, and the total charge is usually $6-700.


  1. Gmail – Gmail is the future of email for homes and small businesses.  Easy to use and free for email adddresses, you can see and sync your email, calendar, and contacts on any computer and many smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries, and Windows Mobile devices.   Use your business domain name with their system called Google Apps for $50/user/year and get the same features as a Microsoft Exchange server.


  1. OpenDNS – This FREE web service attacks the problem at the DNS level, which is very elegant.  There are no buggy programs to install.


  1. Canon’s Pixma series of printers is our recommendation at the moment, especially the MG5220 model.  We’ve had problems with HP software over the last couple years.